miracles of green and yellow juice feasting

August 3, 2010 - 9:52 pm

juice tumericgreen-yellow juice: kale, cucumber,parsley, tumeric root, ginger, lemon and valencia orange. wake up and live!

august is green juice feasting time for me. miracles happen as we cleanse our shining selves. last summer i did 10 days of juicing and had a spiritual(?) awakening— suddenly, i had to go vegan— i could not eat animals anymore. no more chevre i realized. i was shocked by my decision. my nervous system knew the truth, but my personality was sad i wouldn’t be eating chevre in provence anymore. near the end of the 10 days of green juicing last summer i drove across nevada and over to mendocino and attended  the “vibrant living conference”  at living light culinary school (where i had gone to raw chef school a few years earlier) i met will tuttle and john robbins and in a very non dogmatic way they both answered my question about why they were vegans. they chose not to commodify animals. animals are sentient beings just like us. it was pretty simple to me. i wasn’t going to eat my friends— my fellow sentient beings. i wanted to be free. i feel heavy…and alive when i talk about this. it is very real. i wish we would all be vegan and let the animals be. my friend says all animals will be free by 2020. i wish it was sooner.

and if you want more tips/info on how to successfully green juice fast/feast—please leave a comment here and i will email you.
(i omit the valencia orange —no fruit sugar in green juice while fasting)

beauty in the backyard

August 1, 2010 - 10:04 pm

princess flowers

molly’s garden is tinkerbell land. inverness, california

princess flowers.2

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