aprés eclipse— a time of integration — end of summer cool soup…

August 28, 2017 - 12:39 am

el new image

playing with the light in my studio in woodacre, a photo of past bodywork business cards designed by yours truly – displayed in a pyrex mold… and a thin glass pitcher of:
.      .      .      .      .      .     .     .     .      .

blended bright yellow canary melon, hawaiian turmeric root from lisa minor’s upslope farm on the big island near kona, a couple of apricots (optional) dashes of: jalapeño, lemon, local san geronimo valley honey, ginger root and pink himalayan salt—all to taste.  needs a tiny blue borage flower and mini-chiffonade of fresh wilted basil on top.
.      .      .     .

soooo refreshing, this cooling soup for these end of august high temps. inspired by a favorite mid day meal with my parents at least 10 years ago- at a lovely outdoor garden- restaurant in the south of france. may even be better with cantaloupe or another melon? after the eclipse(s) I’m integrating my desire to design space, things, the blank white screen. as a sensualist and alchemist in the kitchen, home and life— i find creating medicine through food very similar to the play in photography, design, but for me it begins in the belly and i design and create and embody from there. grounding, into my true nature. sharing. oh and my love for bodywork/intuitive unwinding with others through hands-on or remote sessions. I’m sifting through what inspires me and others. hope that makes some sense. my new site is in the works and hopefully it will all be more clear— how i can assist you with living a life beyond your wildest dreams! thanks for your patience. xo

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