my photography is presented in context — in an acupuncture office, in a “community space” (the natural space), and a beach house— near where many of the photos were taken.

caylie2my photos at acupuncture kitchen in san francisco— in dogpatch, a beautiful space created by the lovely, brilliant caylie see, acupuncturist, healer, chocolatier.


the natural space physical space in fairfax, california was an amazing opportunity to create simple natural spaces with community and for community. photographs of ellie haga sculptures in top two photos.



these photos are hanging in a 40s modernish house we rented for a year on the sand dunes on stinson beach. i was experimenting with grouping images. the photographs are printed on velvet, a heavier watercolor paper that hangs alone and is the ultimate in minimalism (sans) frame!!


stinsonboin stinson beach the house had these perfect wood panel walls, i loved my photos on these walls— something retro going on… usually i prefer them on white walls. hmmm….

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