the kin of ata— a modern right of passage for all souls

November 28, 2009 - 11:54 pm

kin of ataa feminist, utopian journey— a modern right of passage for all souls

the kin of ata are waiting for you is beautiful, timely, a journey to accompany your dreams, reclaim your dreams, your inner world and live from there so effortlessly…i found my new/old tome of love in between piles of other treasured books, well-read volumes of fabulous, romantic, psycho, eco, hippy, beat, travel, krishna- peace, love fest at the stinson beach spring fair…this beauty reached out to me, and seeing the butterfly…i fell along the contours… lines that lead me in to the obvious yoni wonderland of the goddess…this book is magic. the kin of ata—where life is becoming, we are becoming… our dreams guide us, our lives guide our dreams and the circle comtinues to create and inspire and love deeply! NOW!!
…this feminist, utopian novel, written by dorothy bryant in 1971, printed by the new moon press(a small feminist press in sf at the time) heaven, a journey, a celebration. this book gave me insight into the possibility of living totally in and from love, through our attention to our dreams our awareness opens us to living in the love, intuitive flowing present moment experience. i can’t wait for you to read it and share the love!! now!! —eloise


a review: The Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You by Dorothy Bryant is a book that everyone should have the opportunity to read. This book is top of the list, it makes a connection within you. It is in so many ways an inspiration and a guide to follow. It will bring you back to the way things used to be, before people tried to create a dream without having that dream. It’s a book about our culture and how it came to be and what our true nature is. The kin of Ata, a type of people, are waiting for you to realize that the reality is not here, it is there, their way of life. It’s a book about transformation and awakening. It’s described on the back of the book as, “the struggle of the human spirit to know and become itself.” The book is easy to read and keeps your interest throughout.

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