bo ridge

April 29, 2011 - 7:06 pm

found these in my piles of photos on my computer today…they spoke to me….the fluid nature of california in the shapes of the landscape.

the layers… the textures. the sensuous

t h e   u  n  d  u  l  a  t  i  n  g   h  i  l  l  s   of   w  e  s  t   m  a r  i n…


September 20, 2010 - 9:19 am

…just need to clarify…
(these 4 beginning words i was given as a thread to continue in our writing group)

…just need to clarify…

i don’t like this pen w/this paper—-the pen needs smooth paper to roll along and purr with insight—-now this paper doesn’t allow things to roll along…which pen, which paper?
which pen?




my relationship with me

my relationship with him

his relationship with himself.

his relationship with himself—

this interests me.

i saw this piece today under the canopy of madrone and oaks still thriving on the south-facing slopes. ?he showed me this piece—that part of him that is dormant—?i hope

dormant—there is possibility—a thaw could happen, some energy could move again—this is possible. ?but he seems dormant. i feel it and i am frozen for a moment in reality as i decide to know this piece in this man.

he might press me back into my bones

he might lie on top of me and press my body gently back into the earth again

as shooting stars connect all the cosmos… we sparkle in acceptance and yet know

the truth is overbearing and not enough. ?not enough to see ?not enough to know. he isn’t, i’m not—-but really i am and so is he—-but not in this time or place—-maybe somewhere else ?on a mountain ?at the top


natural space photos…in my bedroom

December 18, 2009 - 12:51 am

photos.point reyesmy current bedroom/studio in west marin with my photos adorning the walls… for this photo shoot i was playing with groups of photos…i love them in groups. and they change groups. these two photos were taken on a beach on the big island of hawaii, barely a crescent moon of sand— surrounded, nearly enveloped by these wild elongated trees and huge branches. (big island spirits: left photo: beach hwy pole 69.1,  right photo: beach hwy. pole 69.2)(the hawaiian tree spirits are very present in both of these photographs and you can actually see them on the large prints!

LARGE PRINTS (of many of my photographs— which i will continue to post on this blog over the next few posts) ARE FOR SALE NOW (27×35): prices range from: $300-600. smaller sizes and custom prints available. please email to order now. i feel these photographs of nature heal people and spaces. yes. you may deepen your connection to nature through these images. these gorgeous white velvet, watercolor paper prints will fill any space with love! they also ground a room with their earthy nature. how rare it can be to feel comfortable and near the earth— inside a space.

ananda land

June 10, 2009 - 1:08 pm

krista1super high vibe heaven at high altitude is whats shaking here. krista is about to eat this beautiful salad that ananda just finished channeling…
it really is all good here and another reason to visit ketchum. raw is everywhere. anandas is only here. come be in the flow and enjoy and know patience is part of the process and you will be healed.
akasha 208.726.4777  
and to get there you get to float on your way through the other healing vibe of chapter one bookstore where i get my ny times fix on my favorite days(sunday and thursday)(also available everyday) depending on the weather .

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