September 20, 2010 - 9:19 am

…just need to clarify…
(these 4 beginning words i was given as a thread to continue in our writing group)

…just need to clarify…

i don’t like this pen w/this paper—-the pen needs smooth paper to roll along and purr with insight—-now this paper doesn’t allow things to roll along…which pen, which paper?
which pen?




my relationship with me

my relationship with him

his relationship with himself.

his relationship with himself—

this interests me.

i saw this piece today under the canopy of madrone and oaks still thriving on the south-facing slopes. ?he showed me this piece—that part of him that is dormant—?i hope

dormant—there is possibility—a thaw could happen, some energy could move again—this is possible. ?but he seems dormant. i feel it and i am frozen for a moment in reality as i decide to know this piece in this man.

he might press me back into my bones

he might lie on top of me and press my body gently back into the earth again

as shooting stars connect all the cosmos… we sparkle in acceptance and yet know

the truth is overbearing and not enough. ?not enough to see ?not enough to know. he isn’t, i’m not—-but really i am and so is he—-but not in this time or place—-maybe somewhere else ?on a mountain ?at the top


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