green juicing…pulp salad! yummmm???

March 23, 2010 - 8:16 pm

pulpwhen a friend introduced me to green juicing in the morning while living at the beach, she suggested i have fat in my stomach before drinking the juice. it sounded right, and i really enjoyed the idea of more than just juice. the surprisingly lovely “pulp salad”  a small pile of pulp (green star juicer–the best! twin gear—easier on the veggies, more enzymes, less pulp) leftover from kale, celery, parsley, cucumber,ginger and lemon with sliced avocado, hemps seeds (two good fats and excellent omega profile!) and a sprinkle of himalayan sea salt and squeeze of lemon. delicious and full of fiber—and consuming the “whole food”. i feel very satisfied (and vibrant!) after this meal. i continue to drink green juice with more hemp seeds as i enjoy my pulp! yum! let me know…!

channeling raw chocolate

August 2, 2009 - 5:47 pm

raw-chocolate1today i added the special “wake up the goddess-feminine” alchemy…   vanilla absolute oil inspires.


i have been moved to experiment with raw chocolate ever since i returned from a 10 day life changing healing at angel farms in pahoa, hawaii.

ever since angel farms (getting “cleaned out”…ascending to a whole new vibration) my taste palette is on a different planet. i still like good dagoba chocolate however  now i mostly eat cacao beans and occasionally feel inspired to make raw chocolate or rather download the latest alchemy coming in which includes raw chocolate. my chocolate today was “minimalist mountain”— my first round of chocolate this summer in my pad in the high desert mountains of idaho.

fresh raw almond milk

- 4:54 pm

milk1there is almost nothing as wonderful as fresh, frothy, delicious almond milk. 

and how to make almond milk:

ananda land

June 10, 2009 - 1:08 pm

krista1super high vibe heaven at high altitude is whats shaking here. krista is about to eat this beautiful salad that ananda just finished channeling…
it really is all good here and another reason to visit ketchum. raw is everywhere. anandas is only here. come be in the flow and enjoy and know patience is part of the process and you will be healed.
akasha 208.726.4777  
and to get there you get to float on your way through the other healing vibe of chapter one bookstore where i get my ny times fix on my favorite days(sunday and thursday)(also available everyday) depending on the weather .

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